Globular Star Cluster Omega Centauri - 300mm Telephoto Lens

Grayscale Steps from Black to White

The image above shows 17 grayscale steps from black (value of 0) to white (value of 255) with a step value of 16. Your monitor should clearly show a difference in brightness between each step. If this is not the case you should adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor until it does. After brightness and contrast adjustment you should perform the appropriate color adjustments per your monitor manual. Proper adjustment of your monitor will allow you to see images on the web the way they were intended to be seen.

Diffuse Nebulas

Rosette Nebula
Barnard's Loop Orion's Belt P/O Orion Bubble Horsehead Region Witch's Head Nebula The Seagull Nebula
Pleiades California Nebula IC59/IC63 Heart Nebula NGC1333 Region IC348 Region
Cygnus Star Cloud Barnard's Loop Orion's Sword Orion's Belt IC1318 M24 Mosaic
Pleiades & IC353 Cone Nebula Region IC1287 NGC6726/Globular NGC6723 Gum 17&15 P/O Vela SNR
Rho Ophiuchus Area M8-M20 Rosette Nebula NGC6334-6357 Cat's Paw Nebula Lobster Nebula
IC405-410 IC443-444 Witch's Head Seagull Nebula Heart Nebula Blue Horsehead

Diffuse Nebulas in HOO Narrowband

Cygnus Star Cloud IC1396 SH2-171 SH2-240 IC443-444
M8-M20 Region Sh2-12&13 Veil Nebula Sh2-129 NGC7000 Sh2-119


M31-HaLRGB NGC253-288 NGC55
M31 M33 NGC253/NGC288 Virgo Galaxy Cluster M51 M81 & M82

Other Objects

Meteor Lunar Eclipse
M22 B111-M11 Omega Centauri Wolf-Rayet 134 M24 Star Cloud Galactic Dark Horse