Grayscale Steps from Black to White

The image above shows 17 grayscale steps from black (value of 0) to white (value of 255) with a step value of 16. Your monitor should clearly show a difference in brightness between each step. If this is not the case you should adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor until it does. After brightness and contrast adjustment you should perform the appropriate color adjustments per your monitor manual. Proper adjustment of your monitor will allow you to see images on the web the way they were intended to be seen.

The images on this page were taken from Mountain Ranch, California with various CCD cameras and telescopes from 2010 through 2016.

Diffuse Nebulas

NGC2174IC4604 NA/PelicanVeil-EasternEagle NebulaSH2-157
NGC281M17P/O IC1396M78IC443M42
SH2-155The PleiadesTrifid NebulaLDN673LBN258IC59/63
IC1274/75NGC6914Lagoon NebulaIris NebulaCocoon NebulaPelican Nebula
IC1284SH2-150VDB140Barnard 7 RegionM42Rosette Nebula

Diffuse Nebulas in H-Alpha

HorseheadSharpless 2-27IC1318-ButterflyNGC6357M8 MosaicNGC6334
NGC6820Lagoon NebulaP/O IC1318P/O IC1318SH2-142DWB165
Propeller NebulaSharpless 2-132NGC281Cederblad 214Barnard 30 & 32Barnard 352
Sharpless 2-54M8Sharpless 2-119LDN 1622Sharpless 2-9Pelican Nebula
Cederblad 214IC1795 RegionP/O IC1396Horsehead RegionIC5068 in H-AlphaLBN667 in H-Alpha


Trio in LeoNGC5033NGC6822M81
Pegasus Galaxy ClusterNGC2403NGC2336M100NGC2683NGC5907
NGC3344NGC4725NGC5985 GroupNGC1232M31 in Blue LightNGC7217

Other Objects

M24 Star CloudLDN1795M27
Dumbbell NebulaEskimo NebulaM13M3Snake NebulaBarnard 268
Ring NebulaHelix NebulaM13M11Double ClusterM2